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Chief Big Thunder and his daughter Princess Bright Lightning; Are they a Myth?

Big Chief Thunder and his daughter Princess Bright Lightning inhabit the internet, were they people real? I have to admit the pair have a disneyesque quality to their names which makes me suspect they are more myth than reality. Many people claim descent through them through a marriage with a Swedish man by the name of Hendrick Anderson Coleman  who they say married Bright Lightning. Here is what I found on the internet on this pair.

1. A screenshot of a profile on geni:

On this profile we have an Indian name; Wakadjaxedga, he both a Shawnee and a Lenni-Lenape (Delaware) Chief, name of his wife; Three Wikusauwin, and three children. Wa Ku Su To Me Coleman is Bright Lightning. Oddly enough his wife died on 16 Feb 1640 in Minnesota, the very year of Bright Lightnings birth, hum. The profile picture is a portrait of a very Indian looking man. This tree is unsourced.
In this second tree, the chief has acquired more name…

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