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Your Ancestors Must Be Cherokee; Look at their photos!

The Facebook group, Cherokee Indians -- Research and Genealogy , is an amazing group of researchers who will help you find your connections to Cherokee ancestry, if you have any. If they cannot connect you to an ancestor who was a member of the tribe, it is unlikely that you have one. While most folks accept the outcome, others are adamant and leave in a decidedly unfriendly manner.   One of the many complaints these seekers have is that their grandmother must be Cherokee, just look at her photo! This statement is both insulting to today's Cherokee and their ancestors. By implying that there is a 'Cherokee look' is ignorant it it's attempt to assume that all Cherokee people look a certain way and that no other ethnic group shares a similar appearance. This claim also ignores the fact that many Cherokee ancestors were racially white and that many Cherokee Citizens are of mixed race.   These people also ignore the fact that the majority of our 19th century an

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