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Parker Adkins and Mary 'Blue Sky' Fry: Fact or Fiction? Is Blue Sky another Native Myth?

A reader recently left a comment on my blog to state that they were descended from Mary Blue Sky Cornstalk and Parker Adkins. So of course I had to take a peep at this Mary Blue Sky and check her out. There are a few websites which make the claim that Blue Sky was the daughter of Shawnee Chief Cornstalk and that she had two children, Charity and Littleberry by a white man, Parker Adkins. Blue Sky died and Parker brought these two children home for his wife to raise along with their own children. 
Is this true? Did Parker Adkins somehow meet the daughter of Cornstalk and have a relationship with her that led to the birth of two children? Absolutely say some, others are more cautious but a few brave souls question the entire relationship. How could Parker, a man from Pigg River in Virginia meet and develop a relationship with a Shawnee woman whose father was his sworn enemy? 
I could spend months researching Parker Adkins and his family, but someone else has beat me to it and done a ba…

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