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Tecumapease: Sister of Tecumsah - Did she marry Rupert Collins?

I received an email purporting to have information about Tecumapease, the sister of Shawnee Leader, Tecumsah. The writer advised me that she was the wife of one Rupert Collins/Rupe Collings b. 1742 in Pendleton, Virginia and that they had a daughter named Jane Collins, b. 1766 who married a man by the name of Lewis Full. A quick search of the internet provided a few other versions of this story.
One, on, claimed that Rupe Collins married Tecompolas Margaret "Young Eagle", who appears to be a different woman than Tecumapease. This is part of the Don Greene Shawnee Heritage garbage. The Tecumapease/Collins claim is also made on this page, which states that Lewis Full married Jane Collins who was born about 1768. If this is true, then Tecumapease had to have married Rupe Collins by 1767 in order to produce a child the following year. So, what do we know about the life of Tecumapease and is it possible for her to be the wife on Rupe Collins?
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