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Chief Honaker Buckskin/Tuckahoe and his daughter Patricia Margaret 'Wampatuah' Blair

I love to lurk on  the Native American Genealogyresearch  pages on Facebook to see what new myths are crop up.  This week a question was asked about a Chief Honaker Buckskin of the Cherokee and his daughter who married a man named variously Joseph Francis and or Jacob Blair, who had been kidnapped as a boy and raised until age nineteen by the Indians. This couple supposedly had at least three sons, including a Jacob Jr. who lived in Russell County, VA. Is this true? And if so, who was Chief Honaker? Let's see what we can find out. 
First I'd like to share a story with you, taken from a profile on Wikitree:
Jacob Francis Blair was born about 1735 on his Gr. Uncles farm next to a large swamp named for his Gr. Uncle Sampson. Jacob was born to the Reverand Samuel Jacob Blair Jr. and Francis VanHook. After they were married n new Jersey, they traveled to Samuels Uncles home in Wayne County, PA. They needed a place to stay as Francine would soon bear her baby. In 1735 he and Franci…

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