Parker Adkins and Mary 'Blue Sky' Fry: Fact or Fiction? Is Blue Sky another Native Myth?

A reader recently left a comment on my blog to state that they were descended from Mary Blue Sky Cornstalk and Parker Adkins. So of course I had to take a peep at this Mary Blue Sky and check her out. There are a few websites which make the claim that Blue Sky was the daughter of Shawnee Chief Cornstalk and that she had two children, Charity and Littleberry by a white man, Parker Adkins. Blue Sky died and Parker brought these two children home for his wife to raise along with their own children. 

Is this true? Did Parker Adkins somehow meet the daughter of Cornstalk and have a relationship with her that led to the birth of two children? Absolutely say some, others are more cautious but a few brave souls question the entire relationship. How could Parker, a man from Pigg River in Virginia meet and develop a relationship with a Shawnee woman whose father was his sworn enemy? 

A serious genealogist begins each search with question. This helps nail down what we want to know about a relationship and how to prove it. Just off the top of my head I can think of a dozen genealogy questions about this relationship. Before we can ask who was the mother of Charity Adkins I think we should take a step back and ask an even more important one.

Question: Did Chief Cornstalk have a daughter named Blue Sky?

Answer: There is no documented source for this person.

Straight out of the gate there is no way to document this relationship with any source, other than the claims of oral tradition. If you cannot prove there was a woman named Blue Sky how do you prove she was someone's mother? Twisting history is not genealogy. Was Parker Adkins a long hunter who made his way into the Ohio territory? No one knows what Parker Adkins did. So making endless suppositions to support a story is not genealogy. 

I could spend months researching Parker Adkins and his family, but someone else has beat me to it and done a bang up job. I refer you to this blogpost: Parker Adkins & Blue Sky which is methodically laid out and backs up all research with a paper trail. The author provides a convincing argument against such a relationship, and I concur with her results. Hope you enjoy reading about Parker and Blue Sky.

But what about DNA. Can't that prove Native American ancestry. According to the DNA testing company 23&Me website: 

"These include mitochondrial haplogroups A2, B2, C1, D1 and X2a – which are found exclusively among Native Americans. People in some other branches of the A, B, C and D haplogroups may also have Native American ancestry, but their maternal lines could also trace to Asia. On the paternal side, only Q3 is exclusive to Native Americans, though anyone with a Y chromosome in the C, C3 or Q haplogroup could conceivably have Native American forbears."

No other haplogroup is considered to include Native American ancestry by any of the major DNA testing companies. 

One question that I think is important to ask your DNA testing company, is who are they comparing your DNA too? Is it a tiny pool of self-identified NA descendants? How accurate are those results going to be? I'd advise you to read the fine print of your results before believing that you have Native American ancestors.

Now, at the end of the day, you might not agree with me about the maternal ancestry of Parker Adkins children, and that's okay. We each have a right to our own opinions. All I ask is that you do your research, look at every side of the argument, question results based on suspect theories. Genealogy should be fun, not confrontational. 


  1. Hello, Jean. I am the author of the Parker Adkins/Blue Sky blog you referred to. I think you might like to know that a descendant of second daughter of Charity Adkins (Keziah) has had her mtDNA done and it exactly matches the DNA of the first tester, thus further proving that they had the same maternal ancestry and it was not native-American. Thank you for the compliments concerning my research. I really appreciate it. Sarah (Sallie) Burns Atkins.

    1. Thank you Sallie. Good to know. I think DNA will put many of these mythical NA ancestors to rest.


  2. Hello again, Jeanie. I just read part of the June 11 post by "Anonymous" (after "Anonymous" sent me an email to make sure I knew about it). It was written by someone who is more interested in discrediting me than about Parker Adkins's real history and it contains many false and misleading claims, words taken out of context, etc. I do not feel the need to defend myself from such irrational behavior. My research stands on its own without the need for disparaging others and people are free to accept it or or reject it without further comment from me.

    1. I married a girl almost 50 yrs ago from Charleston W.Va. Her father's family backs up the story above. Her father had all the makings of a native American but they were ashamed to let it out as if it was a disgrace. My wife brother in law is a genealogist who rently says he has found their ,claim to be legitimate. :-)when you cross breed many times you have to go much deeper than normal. My genealogy relates Pocahontas as being one of my great great great etc.! Gradmothers. Ancestry sent that to myI to my. Son in, the military. If so I am proud to be related to the native Americans who's Y DNA Says they are Israelites. The lord gave the US CONSTITUTION, BILL OF RIGHTS AND UN to the Native Americans. First time a heavenly message was sent to earth The gov, never lets us know it. Why because they were stealing land, gold and silver from the very people who kept saved the pilgrims through their first winter. Read about the gov. And church knowingly slaughter the Lord's Christian people. GOGGLE 1988 the US government recognizes the Iroquois tribe for our Constitution, United Nations. They very told to use their (confederation gov. ) In the 13 colonies.. Now we know the Lord loves all his children and Nat. GEO. can prove there was over 100 million living in America before Columbus. The Gov. And so called Christians killed in all kinds of ways. Millions of people. With a Papal Bull paper giving them the right to kill men children soldiers raping the women in the name of the name of Jesus Christ.. I am ashamed of my white relatives be living the white Christian churches all except the Quakers, Mormons and Roger Williams , James As air and a few religious leaders who had to step away from the so called Christians who stole the native children taking them hundreds of miles from their homes and placed them in missions, toasted homes etc. Where they(Christians) mentally, physical and sexually abused them. It is now exposed in TAKING IT BACK. Those 325 priest Constantine brought in to vote against the biblical churches bought the isis death cult in which they started using on Christians who pwas not toeing the mark, worship in and praying to Mary and baby like they had worshiped statues of Goddess ISIS and her child. They brought the word trinity which I'd not found in the Bible. When they invaded others they would ask if they were Christians, if so they ask if they believed in the trinity. The people were taught by the apostles and no they said because ISIS had been around for aroub 2t99 yrs before Christ. If auestion about trinity. They didn't say the father and son they went into such mystical explanations couldn't even explaining it tell anyone could comprehend : it just as they wanted. So we have. Been lied to by gov and church officialdom they could brake the big commandment. Don't kill.. So they got our poor white ancestors and all they invaded killing and stealing all over the world and America was the biggest halocaust know to man using the name of Christ and monarch church leaders. (Ex. ISIS. Men) ISIS has figured out what they did getting rich and governing the world. and are hitting them hard.

  3. Hello. My mother often speaks of a man (would've been my great great grandfather on my mother's side), named chief bluesky. My great grandmother's name was Marie Blue (married a man named Horace Phillips and took on his last name). My great grandmother Marie Phillips had a few children, one was my grandmother with the maiden name Louise Phillips, married a man named Ross Lowery. Louise Lowery had a few daughters, one was my mother named Dorene Lowery. She married a man named Stephen Cook. They had two children, and I (Maria cook, now married last name Sutmiller) am their oldest. All I know is what I've said, other than when my great great grandfather died, my mother's sister and her mother donated a bunch of his (chief Bluesky) belongs to a local museum. If anyone knows any more info. please feel free to e-mail me at

    -Maria Sutmiller

  4. Hi, I’ve been doing research on my family history, and randomly decided to google my six grandfather, Parker Adkins name and came across this post. My grandma was Pansy Adkins, her lineage to Parker and Mary Bluesky is this: Pansy’s father was Elba Adkins, his was Hiram Adkins, his was Parker L. Adkins, his was Randolph Adkins, and Randolph’s parents were Parker and Bluesky.

    I’m not sure if this helps anyone, just a direct descendant doing research!


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