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The Curious Case of John 'Running Fox' Green

  I follow a really great Facebook group that will do free genealogy research for possible Cherokee ancestry. They estimate that only 1 in 100 requests actually turn out to be of Cherokee descent. So people react with anger when their Native American dreams are dashed, but as the researchers constantly point out, wouldn't you really want to know the truth and celebrate your actual heritage rather than a false one? Here's a link to their page, if you are interested. Cherokee Indians/Research Genealogy I recently came across a post in which a guy requested help proving his ancestry which he had found on Ancestry. It was clear, from the get go that this was a 'fake' line. He claimed to trace his ancestry to: Susanna Sukey Green  Wolf Clan Woman Daughter of the Chickamauga Wolf Clan Chief 1665-1727 | Running Fox Green 1690 | | Meshack Greene The researchers quickly pointed out that there is no known woman named Susanna Green and if she had been in the Wolf Clan then her fa

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