Who was Clogoittah? Was this the mother of Creat and Susannah Priber?

According to Wikitree and many many other Internet genealogy websites, Christian Gottlieb Priber married a woman named Clogoittah, daugher of Moytoy of Tellico. She is said to be the mother of two of his childen; Creat and Susannah Caroline. Is there any truth to this? Is there any proof? By proof I mean something, a document of some sort, which tells us, hopefully with direct evidence that Clogoittah not only married Priber, but was the mother of his children.

I'm going to cut to the chase here. I, as well as other excellent researchers have looked high and low for proof of the existence of Clogittah and her daughters and we cannot find anything. That's right nada, nothing, not a single shred of evidence. Not even a whiff of something. Now I'm talking about real bona fide evidence, not the crap found in Shawnee Heritage Books or other totally undocumented books or websites. I am speaking of legitimate sources.

Okay, I know you're disappointed but before you start calling me names let me tell you who Clogoittah was. Oh, yes therdee really was a Clogoittah. A real documented person. There is even a drawing of Clogoittah. So why am I so sure that Clogoittah did not marry Christian Priber.......Clogoittah was a man.

In 1730 Sir Alexander Cumming accompanied a delegation of seven Cherokee chiefs to London. These men were: Ouka Ulah (the King that is to be) head warrior of Tasseta, Scalilasken, second warrior of Tasseta, Tethtowe and Collannah from Tatsetche, and Clogoitta and Oukanaekaw from the Overhill town of Tannassie. At the last moment a warrior named Onaconoa joined the travelling party and accompanied the group to England. The name Clogoitta is often spelled with an h on the end. So here is our Clogoittah. [1]

Engraving of the seven Chiefs, Clogogittah is in the middle.

The Chiefs returned to their homes after a four month visit to England. No much is known about Clogoittah. In 1756 Attakullakulla told the Governor of South Carolina, "I am the only Cherokee now alive that went to England...."  So, Clogoittah must have died by that time.

There is no record of a female named Clogoittah. If you can produce such a document, I would love to see it. Note: an unsourced book or an unsourced ancestry tree does not count.


[1] Alden T. Vaughan, Transatlantic Encounters, American Indians in Britain, 1500-1776, (New York: Cambridge Univeristy Press, 2008) 141.

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